Introducing The New & Improved GE Smart Catalog

No need to wait for a printed Catalog, get the latest version today DIGITALLY.

Access It Today!

Great news! The GE Smart Catalog has had a tremendous upgrade. That's right! The tool has several new improvements to help you find the products' technical & order information you need quickly and efficiently.

GE Smart Catalog

Features and Benefits

Easy To Use

The new GE Smart Catalog application no longer requires a download to your laptop. You can now access the GE Smart Catalog directly from our web site.

New Web Servers

We are using faster, smarter network servers to support the large volume of traffic the catalog receives each day.

Intuitive User Interface

We have completely changed the UI in order to get you vastly improved usability of the tool and ultimately a rich User experience.

Mark Your 'Favorites'

Is there a section in a catalog that you access a lot? No problem. The new GE Smart Catalog allows you to save your favorite pages for quick and easy access in the future.

Connect To 'Where to Buy

Now you can use our 'Where to Buy' tool to help you find a distributor that carries that item.

Don't delay. Access the new GE Smart Catalog now!